Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello Friends...I wanted to share the first chapter of my upcoming book...I hope you enjoy!
“As I Lay Dying…”

Here I am, once again, lying on a surgical table in Redwood City, California, preparing for yet another brain surgery.  At this point in my Incredible Journey, I have lost my ability to speak, the use of the right side of my body and I realize that if I don’t go through with this experience, I will most likely not survive.  You would think that after two brain surgeries a person would get use to it, but I am sure you never really do.  The fact that they just informed me that I would be awake for this one puts a whole new spin on the moment.  I had seen a television program about this type of procedure.  I am not sure whether it was on the Learning Channel or the Sci-Fi Channel, but it sure was interesting and, I must say, a little disconcerting.  Right now, I wish I had paid a little more attention to the show.  I am certain that if I do survive this ordeal at least it is going to make for some pretty interesting cocktail party chatter.  

I am thinking about trying to ask the surgeon if she could remove the memory of a few old girl friends while she’s in there.  I am sure that my health insurance doesn’t cover that; but, I guess, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

            They say that when you draw close to the end of your life, the moments that have composed that life pass before you.  With all of the incredible experiences I have had in my humble existence, I am sure I will not have nearly enough time to ponder on all that has made my wonderful life.  I have known and deeply embraced love, beauty, friendship, abundance, prosperity and, most important to me, the love of my beautiful child, Lucy.  I could not have asked for a better life and, if I do not survive this surgery, I can honestly say, I will be leaving this life in full gratitude and appreciation for what the Universe has bestowed upon me.

            The surgical team has entered the room and it appears that they are preparing for the “Grand Opening.”  Well, this should be interesting…

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